Rental accommodations, offices, shop, restaurants, schools, and industrial environments often require more robust flooring that will stand the test of time and cover larger spaces. Direct Carpet Supplies can recommend the most suitable carpet, hardwood, laminate, or LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiling) for your premises, ensuring the safety of your staff and visitors, the design that will best suit your conditions, and longevity that will reduce overall maintenance and replacement costs.

Fitting Services

Refitting large areas with new flooring is a strenuous task! Direct Carpet Supplies offer a full service for replacing your flooring. Our expert team can take care of estimates, measuring, furniture moving, fitting, and even removing and disposing of old carpets and flooring, which means less downtime on your busy premises!

Join Our Happy Customers

Major developers of new houses, a wide variety of commercial premises, educational institutions, landlords, and lettings agencies have enjoyed gorgeous new flooring from Direct Carpet Supplies, so why not join them? You can provide drawings for us to estimate from, or for a more comprehensive service, book a site visit today to get started!